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Using Google Forms for Surveys and Quizzes

Cost: Free

Google Forms is available to all Ryerson students, faculty and staff. It provides a web-based interface for creating, modifying, sharing, and publishing forms, offering many flexible options to collect data from your audience. In addition to the core form functionality, it offers unparalleled web-based collaboration features making it easier than ever to work as a team. Due to integration with Google Drive, your Google Forms are always available on any internet-connected device. 

This 2 hour Google Forms training course will demonstrate the power of Google Forms and enable you to create effective forms for surveys, quizzes, and other data collection needs.

  • Create and design a Google Form with colours and themes
  • Types of questions
  • Add questions and sections
  • Insert images and videos
  • Using general settings to collect emails, set sign-in requirements and permissions
  • Using presentation settings to show progress, shuffle, and customize confirmation message
  • Using Quizz settings to automatically grade answers
  • Sending or embedding the form and using pre-filled links
  • Viewing responses and setting notifications for responses
  • Create a Google Sheet to hold responses
  • Collaboration features including:
  • Adding collaborators
  • Working concurrently with multiple users

***Please Note***: This hands-on course will require you to log into your own Ryerson Google Apps account (Ryerson Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive, depending on the course). If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Ryerson account, be sure to bring your device to this training to generate the one-time verification code so you can log in. This device is either your cell phone, your U2F key, or your one-time verification (OTV) device.

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