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Working as a Team: Using Shared Drives in Google Drive

Cost: Free
No Show Fee: $50
Manager Approval: Required

Shared Drives (previously called Team Drives) are your shared space to work collaboratively in Google Drive. They are perfect for teams that are sharing many of the same files and folders, are working on a project or a specific function in a department.

This two hour session builds on the Introduction to Google Drive and Collaborating with Google Docs and assumes attendees already have a general knowledge of how to use Google Drive.

We’ll dive into Google Shared Drives, providing a complete overview of how team drives differ from a shared folder in Google Drive, why your team might want to use one, and a step by step demonstration of creating, managing and using a Shared Drive. You will also be introduced briefly to CCS’s own offerings for teams and departments: managed departmental folders.

Prerequisites: It’s recommended attendees have completed the “Introduction to Google Drive and collaborating with Google Docscourse.

***Please Note***: This hands-on course will require you to log into your own Ryerson Google Apps account (Ryerson Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive, depending on the course). If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Ryerson account, be sure to bring your device to this training to generate the one-time verification code so you can log in. This device is either your cell phone, your U2F key, or your one-time verification (OTV) device.

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