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Google Sheets: Functions & Formulas

Cost: Free
No Show Fee: $50
Manager Approval: Required

Google Sheets provides a web-based interface for creating, modifying, and sharing spreadsheets. In addition to the core spreadsheet functionality, it offers unparalleled web-based collaboration features making it easier than ever to work as a team. Due to integration with Google Drive, your Google Sheets are always available on any internet-connected device. 

This 2 hour training course focuses specifically on the core spreadsheet functionality of Google Sheets, perfect for beginners that don’t have past spreadsheet experience:

  • Advanced Sheets functions including:
  • Text formulas (Left, Right, Mid, Concatenate)
  • Statistical formula Rank
  • Lookup formulas (VLookup, Match, Index, Offset)
  • Logical formulas (If, IfError, And, Or)
  • Financial formulas (FV, PMT) for future value & loan payment
  • Advanced formulas using nested functions
  • Advanced filtering
  • Data Validation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Converting Excel to Google Sheets format
  • Convert Google Sheets to other formats

Prerequisites: None. This course is not intended for users that are already familiar with core spreadsheet functionality like functions and formulas. If you already have extensive experience with spreadsheets (e.g. Excel), “Working with Google Sheets” is the recommended course that focuses on the special features that differentiate Google Sheets from Excel.

***Please Note***: This hands-on course will require you to log into your own Ryerson Google Apps account (Ryerson Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive, depending on the course). If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Ryerson account, be sure to bring your device to this training to generate the one-time verification code so you can log in. This device is either your cell phone, your u2f key, or your one-time verification (OTV) device.

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