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Excel Advanced

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: KHW 177B
Seats Remaining: 0
Registration Ends: Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Cost: Free
No Show Fee: $50
Manager Approval: Required

This course is an advanced level course for a person who wants to harness the advanced powers of spreadsheet development. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Advanced Excel Functions including Rank, Text functions, If, Vlookup, Index, Match, Offset and Date functions
  • Advanced formulas using Nested Functions – where several calculations are “nested” for complex calculations
  • Using Excel’s error-checking features
  • Doing calculations with times
  • Advanced filtering – see only parts of a list – great for anyone that manages a list of information
  • Data Validation to improve the integrity of your data
  • Overview of using Pivot Tables as a tool for data analysis and reporting
  • Protect Worksheets – so that your formulas are not altered
  • Record Macros – to speed up repetitive tasks